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Painting is a skill.

Art is creation, capturing what a camera can never capture  "

Marco Edelenbos was born in 1971 in the small industrial town of Enschede, Netherlands.

Born as an expressionist artist, Marco's parents witnessed his first projects at the age of 1 as he showed his diaper art on the babyroom walls, enthusiastically screaming to his parents "fingerpaint!".
As a child young Marco´s head was always in the clouds, living in a world of fantasy as he sketched and sculpted, creating his own surreal world to live in.

At school his efforts and behavior to express himself were seen as too provocative and not fitting within the system. He dropped out off high school and preferd to hangout with students of the local art-university.

When he was 20 years old he went back to school, found a way to express his creativity, and graduated Cum Laude in landscape design.
He worked for well know landscape companies and local goverments.
In 2011 he moved to Costa Rica, inspired and challanced by well known American artists, he started painting again.

In addicion to painting, he also works with recycled materials, and natural products like driftwood, stone, bones and plants.
His work, delving into the surreal world, features bright colors, rich fantasy, and the use of dimension that take the viewer on a journey through the artist's life and mind.

Art in the jungle
Montezuma, Costa rica
february  - 2017

Kunst op het plein
Haaksbergen, The Netherlands 
 July  - 2017

Kunst  om stil van te worden
Ootmarsum, The Netherlands
August- 2017

New York, United States  

December, 2017

Art expo New York or  World art Dubai

New York  or  Dubai 19-22  April 201


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